COURSE: Abundance is Within

‘Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.‘ (Wayne Dyer)

Do you feel stuck with your resources? Are you clear where to look for abundance? Join this 1h online course to find your inner resources, which are unlimited. Abundance is found within and you have the keys to unlock it. Find more details below. Submit the form to participate at the course.

Description: This course is designed to help you find the source of abundance within, not outside.

You are taught to search in the exterior for signs of abundance – as material possessions like money, properties, objects that you work hard to acquire or earn them (through marriage, inheritance, buying).
So you think abundance is outside as a finite source for which you have to struggle and suffer. What if the source of abundance is within and it is infinite?

It is a paradigm shift, where you allow your mind to pause and you invite your heart to join. It is about the discovery that you have infinite resources inside, in terms of creativity, imagination, exploration. The more you use them in a balanced and purposeful way, the more you unlock the prosperity flow. As you tune in to your inner resources, you are rewarded with outer abundant signs.

Abundance is a state of being in the flow that is uniquely designed to every person. Let’s discover yours.
Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.

Is this course for you? Definitely YES:

  • If you want to shift the scarcity mindset of ‘I am not/ don’t have enough’ to ‘I am abundant from within’.
  • You don’t want to follow the external narratives that resources are limited, that you just have to survive for another day. Make your own choices.
  • If you feel stuck in an unwanted job, relation, place, experience and living in a fear that resources are coming to an end, than this course is for You!
  • Do you search for a different way of doing things, of building your life, of creating abundance and prosperity for yourself and dear ones?
  • Dare to become a better version of yourself, being on a personal development journey.

What you get:
⦁ what it means abundance – shift of your current paradigms (from external possesions to internal manifestations)
⦁ understand that abundance is a state of being in flow vs. an act of ownership/possession
⦁ learn to recognize abundance manifestation in your life (with practical examples that you can resonate)
⦁ how to become aware and work in a conscious way with the energy of abundance – as manifested in the numerical vibrations (certain numbers carry unique abundance frequency – 3,6,8)
⦁ personalization on each participant – calculate your ‘Abundance frequency’ – your unique vibration to attract prosperity into your life
⦁ practical tips and tools to get into alignment to your ‘Abundance frequency’ – the more you are in flow, the more you are tuned in.
NOTE: You, as every human being, have free will and you are free to choose what resonates the most out of this course. If you feel empowered to transform your life and to start now, I am most grateful and thankful for your time, attention and focus. I simply wish that this expands and amplifies into the next best version of who you want to become in your life.

Duration: 60 minutes
2 dates available: September 28th and October 6th, 2022 (tell your preference below when you book your place)

Live session: 30 euros / 150 ron (with recording available so you have unlimited access to the course material)
BONUS: 33% discount on an individual numerology session in writing for all participants.

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