Couple Numerology reading – Who Are We?

Couple Numerology reading - Who Are We?

Numerology is the ancient science of the numbers. So Pythagoras said that they rule the Universe. ‘Number is the within of all things‘.  So a Couple Numerology reading – Who are We? answers the fundamental question why two people come together.

Since 5th century BC, it is used to interpret the special significance between letters and numbers. Also it includes sounds, events, names, birth dates. Even planets to foretell the future.

Numerical repetition is part of life (eg same hour and minute 11:11, repeating numbers, coincidence with extraordinary events in your life).

Numerology is similar to astrology, tarotology, aura/ energy field readings. It helps discover more about your complex being. You are more than your body, your mind, a name or a role.

You form relations of 2 people every day – with friends, work colleagues, business partners. Even in your community with the person you get along the most. Moreover in your love life when you have a date, move to a long term relationship as a couple, then to a marriage or life partnership. No matter where you look in your life you find couples. Such as family members, social friends, business partners or lovers.

What you get in a reading:

  • first decide which couple interests you (for you and somebody else, for other 2 best friends, family members, business team, etc)
  • a short description of each person’s personality, unique set of skills and lessons,
  • as well Life Path and Karmic numbers for each
  • Couple resonance based on the Soul’s unique internal vibration of each person
  • Compatibility based on the Social external vibration of each person
  • Match resonance based on the Life Path and Karmic numbers (to understand if this is a karmic relationship or not)
  • Specific mission and what’s the primary reason for these 2 persons to be together in this life
  • Relation key lessons to master during their time together
  • Key strengths and set of skills that they can understand, feel empowered and build together
  • Opportunities areas where they can pay more attention and develop together

  • NEW: The role for each person of the Couple that they can play to strengthen this relation. So it is a stronger, wiser, loving union.

Duration of the session: 60-90 minutes

How it works:

  • Reading in writing: 350 Ron / 69 euros
  • Live Video/ Audio call: 440 Ron / 88 euros (so you ask questions during the session)

I strongly encourage you to book a Live session. So you can clarify on the spot the most urgent and deepest needs.

Please note that in Couple Numerology reading – Who are We? you get a general overview only. Additionally, you can book individual sessions to understand more about specific areas. Such as: family/ love/ job/ social friends/ business/ own development. This can be discussed and agreed at the first session together.

I had a 1-on-1 numerology session with Cristina and I found it very insightful.

Cristina was an empathetic guide, using numerology to uncover key challenges I face. Also she unlocked exciting possibilities for the path forward.

The session was crazy accurate. I feel I have more clarity now on how to live in alignment with myself.

(Cornelius M.)

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