Individual Numerology reading – Who Am I?

Individual Numerology reading - Who Am I?

Numerology is the ancient science of the numbers. Also Pythagoras said that they rule the Universe. ‘Number is the within of all things‘.  I invite you to book an Individual Numerology reading – Who Am I? So you discover how the numbers in your date of birth shape YOU.

Since 5th century BC, it is used to interpret the special significance between letters and numbers. Moreover the ancients looked at sounds, events, names, birth dates. Even planets so they foretell the future.

There are many numerical repetitions (eg repetitive hour 11:11, car numbers, coincidence with extraordinary events in your life).

Numerology is similar to astrology, tarotology, aura/ energy field readings. All help discover more about your complex being. You are more than your body, mind, a name or a role.

What you get in an Individual Numerology reading – Who am I:

  • significance of your birth date (it is your unique signature in this world)
  • meaning of your current name (that completes your unique patterns)
  • Soul’s mission and life purpose (Life Path number significance)
  • your Life’s primary lesson or what you come to master with excellence (Karmic number significance)
  • set of talents and unique gifts
  • your secondary lessons that translate into daily challenges and recurrent events.
  • details about key stages of your development (ancestors and family roots)
  • notes about key goal in life, social relations, love life, spiritual path
  • the most important years in your life and their significance
  • a short description of the current calendar year

  • NOTE: in the first session, the focus is not to forecast the following years or the future of the person. It’s better to engage into a deeper understanding of the life’s mission and purpose. Try to grasp the unique set of skills and talents. As well the development areas that you have.

Duration: 60 minutes

How it happens:

  • Reading in writing: 240 Ron / 48 euros
  • Live Video/ Audio call: 300 Ron / 60 euros (you can ask questions during the session)

 So I strongly encourage to book a Live session. It helps clarify on the spot your most urgent and deepest needs.

Please note that in one session you get a general overview only. Additionally, you can book individual sessions to understand more about specific areas. Such as: family/ love/ job/ social friends/ business/ own development.

I had an Individual numerology reading – ‘Who am I’ with Cristina and I found it very insightful. Cristina was an empathetic guide, using numerology to uncover key challenges I face. Also she unlocked exciting possibilities for the path forward.

The session was crazy accurate. I feel I have more clarity now on how to live in alignment with myself.

(Cornelius M.)

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