Year 2023 Ends – 7 Steps of Growth

Year 2023 ends soon and let’s be aware of the 7 steps of growth.

‘Humble yourself, you’ll grow greater than the world. Your Self will be revealed to you, without you.’ (Rumi)

How did you feel your growth this year? Remember, growth is not linear, but in jumps.
Look back not far than the beginning of 2023 and remember who you were back then. In which stage of life, in which mental and emotional state or attitude. To notice your growth, first start looking at your external conditions – as you observe them faster with your 5 senses.

Did you change the job? Are you in a new house/ city or even country? Do you have a new relation or network of friends? Did you try a new community more alike yourself as you are now?
Either your life was a revolution with many visible changes on multiple layers, or it didn’t happen much on the exterior. But a complete metamorphosis was in the interior.

Your inner self constructs your outer life. Your inside creates the outside.

The major focus of 2023 was in the inside of your being, at your core and very essence of who you are. Here is a link to remember on how you started it.

Your Ego and your Soul are the 2 key partners in this life journey – Soul prepares everything within, while Ego creates your reality outside. When these 2 partners work as a team, you feel at your best – centered and aligned. You are in the flow and things happen effortlessly. You act simply out of your Soul and everything flows naturally.
But what happens when Soul and Ego feel separated? This feels as a major misalignment from within, things materialize with great stress and efforts. You put a lot of mental energy to control the process in the smallest details. All is out of synch, chaotic, agitated, with many disappointments. You speak one thing, do another. You feel one thing, think another. Soul moves in one direction, Ego wants the opposite. You flow upstream, against the current.

Let’s recap as year 2023 ends the 7 Steps of Growth that were felt mostly within, as this is where a complete renewal and transformation happened for you:

  1. Reboot the mind
    Your mind is your body’s software and from time to time it needs a complete new configuration. This year felt like a complete re-boot of your nervous system, that came in waves. It didn’t mean normal clean-up of the system, but almost like a fully new upgrade to a new platform. Indeed you were wired to a new stage of consciousness.
    Many old and outdated programs, beliefs, concepts, ideas, paradigms and dogmas crumbled away completely. What you believed one year ago is changed now. You move to a new set of beliefs. Either it was overnight through a major life experience or in gradual steps along the year.
  2. Open to your emotions
    High emotions in 2022 and this year as well, so it’s easy to recognize the power they generate (energy in motion). This is your fuel behind your mental state – once you have an idea and it is energized with the right feelings it starts to produce actions and effects (you speak that idea with conviction, you energize other people around it and you see it through into practice).
    Remain open to the state of your emotions – as this is your daily fuel to manifest your dreams, ideas into practical reality. If you feel positive and optimistic, notice how the energy of the day transforms as well; on the opposite, if you feel negative and depressed, observe the change of your immediate reality.
  3. Discernment is key
    All of a sudden you are aware if this invisible world (mental and emotional), all happening within but affecting your life. Discernment is critical on how you navigate this immense ocean of thoughts and feelings. They come and go, as wave after wave and the more you can discern what feels right for yourself and your body, the more you flow.
    This was one of the biggest learnings in 2023 to learn to discern more good vs. bad, what feels appropriate for you as a being, but not out of dogmas and others’ views, but based on your own perceptions, feelings in the body and energetic sensations.
  4. You thrive to allow, not to perfect
    Another big learning of 2023 was not to chase perfection as this is an Ego’s trap. Your mind is never satisfied or happy with what is and it is searching the next very big thing. You think that you are never done and you don’t deserve to be happy until you are good enough or perfect.
    Finally, you released this old concept of perfection and incomplete satisfaction with your life and you replaced it with the concept of allowance and receiving. You allow each moment of your life to unfold and to be, you don’t criticize it or judge it as being imperfect. You receive and welcome it in deep gratitude. This refers to both things, objects, people or situations.
  5. Gain more wisdom
    With how much you lived not only this year, but since 2020’s you feel wiser. Finally you integrated all that happened individually and collectively and you came to a deeper understanding of the events. You see life as more complex, profound and layered than before and every experience gave you wisdom within. Not pure intelligence and theory from the books, but a deep inner knowing and a great sense of your intuition.
    Not to forget that the intuition is the language of your Soul, communicating through whispers of deeper truth. Your truth.
  6. Co-creator role, not victim mood
    Who are you? A co-creator fully empowered or a victim fully controlled? This year 2023 was all about a choice in every moment of how to live your life. As a leader of your day, co-creating from your Soul in love or as a follower of others, incapable of your own decisions? You don’t choose once and you are done, you have to feel responsible in this new role of creation in every moment – as you create continuously through intentions/ thoughts, words you speak, emotions you feel and actions you perform.
    Shred apart what you believed you can do because others told you so and allow yourself to see beyond limiting beliefs of the world. Open to your infinite potential that comes from within – your dreams are endless as well as the possibilities to turn them into reality.
    Act empowered as a co-creator, not disempowered as a victim. Finally begin a new stage of growth in your life. See the world through the eyes of curiosity, exploration and adventures and of ‘what else can be possible’. Creation is infinite as well as your capacity to tune inwards to access your abilities to build the new.
  7. Expansion of consciousness
    Step by step, through the learnings of this year, you understand how transformative it was. Feel the expansion of your horizons, your views, your consciousness. You moved from one stage of your life to another – for sure in the inner planes (thoughts, concepts and emotions) and as you walk further, this new version of yourself builds the complete metamorphosis of your external planes (family, vocation, house, community and friends). As you change the inside, your outside matches your new upgraded version.

Be in deep awe and gratitude for your transformation and maturity. Year 2023 ends and the 7 steps of growth are visible as huge stairs on your evolution path. Nothing is the same as last year, either you or your life. Each year brings dynamism and change and you upgrade into a more complex, better version.

Thank you year 2023 for bringing everyone closer to their light path!

Photo by Jamie Coupaud on Unsplash



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