Seeds of Love

What kind of seeds do you plant in your garden? Seeds of Love or Fear?

Your life is like your garden. Because you receive it upon birth, with the first breath you take on Earth. Even if you don’t have a physical garden, use your imagination and think of your life as such. You are the Creator, the Designer, the Architect, the Master and the Carer here. Also bring your wisdom as year 2023 gives you plenty of opportunities to learn. (discover more here)
You take care of your garden every day – through your choices and small deeds. Ask the question how you perceive your garden every morning – pleasant, unpleasant, or simply as it is. Garden just offers you an experience, but it’s up to you how you perceive it. Through your conscious eyes, mind and heart.

Now the question is – what kind of seeds do you plant there? Seeds of Love or Fear?

Seeds are like intentions that you create out of nothing. Your mind produces continuous thoughts, ideas, visuals. As a matter of fact, it is like a non-stop factory that creates mountains of stuff. Certainly you get in touch with what the mind produces permanently. As it is you in fact who can control the mind to ignite only what is beneficial for your garden and life. Start becoming aware and conscious that you are in control of that.

In September we witnessed the Equinox shift (on September 23rd), when night and day were equal and from now on, light started to diminish gradually. As a result, this is the signal in the Northern Hemisphere to go within, taking even more care of your mental and emotional gardens.

  • What does it mean to take care of the mental garden? First of all, let’s define the mental garden – the area represented by your mental activity (what you think full day – an idea, a thought, an expression, a situation, a visual dream, an image). So everything going on in your mind represents your mental garden. Afterwards, you are meant to take care of it – what you keep and what you clean, what you nourish and what you release (here is a useful meditation to release what’s not needed).
  • What is the emotional garden? This is represented by your feelings, mostly associated with the heart activity. Both feelings of uplifting and empowerment, of deep motivation, courage, balance, peace, bliss and love. And feelings of despair, regrets, pain, suffering, judgement, victimhood, control, anxiety, jealousy.

You are in charge to cultivate the most in your garden through how you think, feel, speak and act. Are you promoting seeds of Love or Fear? Even words can be infused with positive and blessing energy or the opposite. Not to mention your acts and behaviours in every moment.
Let’s contemplate for a moment where you are now with your garden. Above all, be in charge as you create it and you can transform it, too. How to take care of your garden?

Allow the guidance to come from heart, not Ego
Receive more and force less
Be in collaboration, not competition
Create an experience of balance, bliss and joy
Plant Seeds of Love
Be present in the garden
Explore with curiosity what is happening every day

I wish you to wake up every morning in the garden of your dreams, with an open heart and mind to observe what is needed. Then plant with gratitude and joy more seeds of Love.

Happy Autumn 2023!



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