2023 = Your Year of Growth and Maturity

Let’s talk about the significance of this year 2023 = your year of growth and maturity 🎉🎊- it doesn’t matter it is March already, as the energy of the new year just settles in. Chronologically we enter a new year in January, but this is just a milestone. There are many more: Chinese celebrate new year between Jan 21st – Feb 4th 🐉 (with the first new moon), in astrology the official year starts on March 21st with Spring Equinox 🌱.

So let’s see how do you feel and perceive this year already? 🤔

How is it different versus what you lived so far? 🧐

Here are some hints to have a broader perspective of 2023 = Your Year of Growth and Maturity:

  1. the overall vibration is 7 – this number symbolizes perfection, growth, maturity, evolution 🌱📈. We evolve every day, but this year we may feel a jump into our evolution – like you jumped from kindergarten to school, or from university to daily job, or from single life to family union. It feels significant and you can’t deny it 🤯.
  2. It starts a whole new cycle in your life, whether you are aware or not. Perfection is a continuous journey, where you keep searching for deeper meaning in life. Your mind is never satisfied and it keeps analysing, researching, perfecting to the last details. Be aware not to dig into a rabbit’s hole! 🕳️🧐
  3. Life won’t make sense only with rationale and logical mind. It’s time to tune inside, to listen to your intuition, gut feelings and deep calling of your Soul. It’s time to bring together mind and heart, Ego and Soul, thoughts and feelings, right and left brains at the same table and look at life from multiple angles. You will realize it is not black and white, but more than 50 shades of grey. 💭💗

It is a year of spiritual growth where you add more discipline to your mindfulness practices – sport, breathwork, yoga, meditation, walks in nature, intuitive eating and sleeping, much self care and self love. You won’t do this because others do it, but because it is part of your wellbeing routine and without it, you won’t feel yourself. 🙏💪🧘‍♀️🌿

Be mindful not to go into extremes of beliefs/ opinions and views. As the quest to perfection makes you think that only your methods are right. And you become fanatic advocating for them. Embrace the diversity and the uniqueness in every human being and just create the space for every person to be. 🤝🌈

This year is all about magic and miracles if you are on your light path ✨ (this is the name of my coaching program to discover and align your path to your life mission, destiny, vocation; feel free to enroll now). All feels easy, with grace, effortlessly. Otherwise, everything feels a tragedy and misery. The extremes are so evident, so you are clear immediately if you are on your right path or not. No time to waste, question or be confused. You know because you feel inside and you experience it in your reality. 🌟🔮👀

Mind is triggered this year a lot to release outdated beliefs, patterns, convinctions and to start a new journey of embracing the unknown. Ego will be challegend a lot as it doesn’t like changes and the unknown, he wants comfort and stability. Deep inside you find stability in your heart and following your calling (discover what’s your Soul’s calling in a numerology session, to get clarity what’s your mission here). 🧘‍♂️

🌟 It’s time to take control and embrace your power! Stop following others’ wishes and step out of the victim mentality. This year is all about co-creating your reality with your intentions and focusing on internal growth. 🌟

🌊🔥💨 The elements of water, fire, and air dominate in 2023, which means things will move quickly. But don’t forget to ground yourself and build a strong foundation from within. 🌱

💪 Embrace change and transformation with ease and grace, and choose to act wiser. This year is all about wisdom and maturity, so let’s leave the forcing and controlling behind. 💡

✨ Remember, your inner state of being is your internal GPS to navigate the world. Take a moment every day to check in with yourself, and prioritize your inner harmony before taking action. You’ve got this! ✨

Year 2022 taught you balance and harmony (check out more details here), but now it’s time to take it up a notch. In 2023, your year of growth and maturity, it’s about finding your inner balance and moving forward with purpose, even amidst change and transformation. Remember to listen to your soul, not just your ego, and take aligned, wise, heart-centered action.

Let the magic and miracles flow from your heart and make this year your best one yet! ✨

Here’s to a year full of growth, love, and abundance!

What are you most looking forward to this year? Share with us in the comments below! ✨❤️



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