How to navigate the end of 2022 – with magic

‘Zen is magic. It gives you the key to open the miraculous. And the miraculous is in you and the key is also in you.’ Osho

How many times did you wish year 2022 to end? How many times did you think that maybe next year is better, so let’s finish this one faster?
As Osho said, the key is yourself and how you navigate the end of 2022 is with magic. Just slow down and pace your rhythm. It’s time to reflect on the key experiences and their significance in your life.

The Universe created some unique moments in the sky, as a way to realize that you live unprecedented times:

  • february 2022: on 22/2/2022 it happened the palindrome of the century, with a unique sequence of 6 of 2’s which opened the door of higher consciousness and unity in love. Maybe you started to experience dramatic and unbalanced situations in your life with the sole purpose to awaken to a new reality.
  • april 2022: a rare alignment of Jupiter – Neptune planets in Pisces, never happened in the last 166 years, started a spiritual tsunami. Discover your magical powers within. Use your intuition to expand your perspective of this world.
  • july/august 2022: a super rare triple alignment of Uranus, Mars and North Node in Taurus, never happened in the last 2,300 years. Re-ignite your actions based on newness and creativity. The old is gone and the new takes over.
  • october 2022: Venus Star Point, which is the magical pentagram drawn in the sky by the movement of planet Venus, had one significant change into Libra sign, symbolizing the return to balance and harmony. It is again a unique cosmic alignment never happened since end of 1770’s.
  • december 2022: month 12 of this unique year invites you to discover your magic, zen, miracles and miraculous keys. It marks the winter celebrations and many traditions across the globe to live more in kindness and appreciation.

Do you observe now? How uniquely you were prepared the entire year, in a crescendo of cosmic events in the Universe. You never experienced these kind of energies since you were born on Earth. Take a moment and notice how the personal events unfolded in your life and if you are aware of any synchronicities – is the old crumbling? are the toxic, dysfunctional ways of living and relating fading away?

To navigate at your best the end of 2022 is with magic. You are asked to re-pace your life on healthier rhythms and more spiritual paths, to gain more awareness on your thinking, emotional and physical realms. Observe that sometimes the logical, rational mind is confused among so many changes, so just return inside, to your intuitive guidance.
Transformation is the name of the game since the start of the decade of 2020’s, so change yourself to get better and better to be with higher energies of light, love and pure consciousness (learn more here Gain more awareness how you can create your day with magic and miracles. Your mind is your engine, what you think you transmute into reality – think more of magic and you will live it. Drop the negativity and fear as the more you imagine these, the more you attract them in your life.

The key mantra of 2022 year:
Live from inside out. Not outside in. Live from the heart. Not based on outside validation.

Have a blessed December and a magical end of the year!

Ready to find out more insights? Here is December 2022 Energy update with main learnings and wisdom:



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