SHIFT the paradigm in August 2023

Shift the paradigm to your divine neutrality in this 8th month of the year.
Can you feel the SHIFT?

Many of you can feel already is a different kind of year, with many changes going on in terms of jobs/ places of work, people/ relations, personal interests and even places where you call home. Indeed this period is unique, calling for a total transformation, that’s why 2023 is the year of maturity (discover more here).
The influx of light (coming from the Sun and the entire Cosmos) is exponential, surpassing all the predictions. Because nothing can be predicted precisely, all is flowing in the Universe freely. As light pours in to the Earth, it comes with coded information and it affects all life (plants, animals, rocks and minerals, water and humans). Notice the SHIFT since the beginning of the year in your habits – sometimes not that you did it on purpose, but you had to adjust to solar plasma and liquid light that came (remember the unusual blue/ green comet that entered Earth’s atmosphere at the end of January – that was the start).

How is the SHIFT in your mind?
Mentally we are all very exposed to the high energy coming from the Cosmos, meaning that our minds are required to receive and process more and more information. We all feel invaded by news, data and details. Shift the paradigm for your mind means to DISCERN better.

Not all the news are needed for your physical body and to be included in your system. Be careful on what type of information you watch and listen – you decide what you allow into your mind. Choose what’s for your highest good and what helps you live in a positive, hopeful mindset (if this resonates – find out more how to raise your vibration and book your dedicated session here).

How do you SHIFT in terms of emotions?
Mind is very active and super charged in 2023, running all sorts of plans, ideas and scenarios. Emotions do follow the mental flow, as you energize a certain pattern of thought more intensively. The more you think about a scenario, the more it grows. Some ideas feel well in your body, are positive and uplifting and others don’t, making your body small and contracted. How you feel is critical as it gives you important nudges about what feels good or not. Leave the rational mind (what you should do), check in with your body. For optimum results release what you don’t need from your mental system every day (here is a useful tool).

CENTER your mind and heart
With shifts in mental and emotional bodies, you can feel very unstable. What you can try more often is to ground, feet on the ground and find the stability sitting on the Earth. Mind can be confusing with so much data, emotions are wild and unbalanced. Find your center within, in your body lying down on the grass, sand, safe ground. The exercise is to leave the noise of the outside world and find stillness within.

SHIFT from the extremes to the neutral point
August month has a vibration of 6 (adding 8 of the month and 2023/ 7 of the year) calling to find harmony, balance, your point of divine neutrality and infinite love. It is the point where mind is calm (thoughts can come and go, but no attachments to them like in a meditation), heart is opened (emotions can appear like happiness or sadness, but they flow through your body with no intention to hold them tightly) and body is still.

Just BE with yourself, with your higher consciousness. You are not your thoughts, emotions or body. In this case who you are? SHIFT the paradigm to your divine neutrality to become aware that you are much more – be open to expand your presence and BEing.
Allow the energy to move you towards the next level of growth when you find your neutral/ middle point. The process happens easier with least resistance.
Trust that you’ve got this! Have faith that you will fly, not fall. That’s why just BE more, do less.

‘Belief comes from the mind, faith comes from the whole being, it is existential, experiential.’ (Osho)

Enjoy a blessed August and trust the SHIFT to a new paradigm!

If you want to know more about what year 2023 means for your personal journey – book a personalized session to discover your highest path of growth and maturity. Are you ready to fly? I am honoured to guide you, if this resonates. Book a session here.



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