In 2024 shine brighter and lighter

Year 2024 Shine brighter and lighter

This is the time in 2024 to shine brighter and lighter than ever before and to reach your infinite potential.

‘Instead of fighting the world, kill your Ego. The Ego is a veil between humans and God.’ (Rumi)

Last year was all about expansion at the mental level, to allow your mind to comprehend new possibilities and opportunities. Hopefully you let go of the old self, of the known and outdated rules and limits.
This year came with a blast as in the first day actually we witnessed a powerful solar flare explosion – the most significant in the last 6 years! Indeed this is the signature of this period to allow expansion at all levels.

Did you notice anything different in the first month of January vs. the past? Did you observe new patterns coming into your life? Have you experienced the old collapsing and the new being created simultaneously?

Here are few characteristics of this year 2024 with the vibration of 8 (infinite symbol):

  • things will happen even more accelerated and faster than before
  • all is simultaneously in the flux, as you hear the news in the same day, you perform many actions in the now
  • time starts to dissolve even faster and you miss a sense of proper timing. Agenda and schedules seem outdated, as things become fluid and dynamic
  • one day you are up and the next day down. You feel in a rollercoaster of events, information, people, situations and choices.
  • being present and aware of all that is around you holds critical importance
  • acceptance and resistance are the 2 ends of the same stick. If you accept the experience, you can move with grace and ease to solutions. If you keep resisting and fighting the events, you spiral down very fast into negativity.

You can navigate this year with more grace, if you shine brighter and lighter. In other words, if you manage to be at your best across all levels. Perfection is not required, but a fluid attitude to observe yourself in any moment and the minute you spiral down to lift yourself up. Notice your mind and scenarios played in your mental space – are they light and uplifted? Are they creating your best reality? Or are they projecting your fears and wounds?

The more you are in the observer seat, the more you can manage your best self. Pull yourself up from negativity, despair, stress and drama into light, healing, possibility and infinite growth.

All is possible in 2024 – the energy is moving so fast and you’ll see how rapidly you can transform thoughts and dreams into reality. You imagine a situation and the next day you live it. Now make sure you imagine best case scenarios of love, peace and bliss for you and the entire world. The viceverse is possible, too – if you think about regrets, sadness, grrief and pain, you experience most of this energy in your field.
Year 2024 is called the Year of Wooden Dragon, inviting you to ride the waves of deep transformation and intense metamorphosis. Dragon is not a pet, but a powerful and mytical creature, known for its leadership, strength and courage, but as well kindness and compassion.

Can you embody more of these Dragon traits into your life? Where are you still falling into the victim position and losing your inner power?
As a true inspiration, here I post the link to remember who you are and watch the video from Avatar 1 movie.
Reclaim your strength and sovereignty to create your life. You can do it and rise to your infinite potential, as long as you stop looking down (into failure, mistakes, traumas and dramas). These are experiences to learn lessons and make new choices. Better choices that lead to a different outcome.
I invite you to discover more about yourself, about gifts and talents and the main lessons to be understood in this lifetime (you can claim your unique reading and report here)

Ride your Dragon brighter and lighter with deep confidence, more wisdom and maturity than ever before. In 2024 an exciting journey awaits to the courageous ones that want to move forward into their unique, heart-based Soul path.

Have a blessed and exciting ride in 2024!



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