March Equinox – Beyond of the Beyond

‘Go beyond of the beyond’ is the message of March Equinox, happening on March 20th, 2024. It marks the equality between day and night and the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere or autumn in the southern.
So this is a reason to celebrate the increase of Light since December Solstice and continuing until June with the Summer Solstice in Europe.
Rejoice, celebrate and go deeper and deeper, further and further, beyond of the beyond.

What does it mean this Equinox? Well, it signifies a huge jump of evolution and profound transformation as it happens in the Eclipse corridor (Lunar Eclipse on March 25th and Solar Eclipse on April 8th). Additionally, it marks the start of new, different, unique and unknown changes. Moreover, this is the promise of year 2024 (called the year of Wood Dragon and you can read more here).
You may think that with the Equinox all is well and peaceful, in graceful balance and complete harmony. While in fact, giving the Eclipse approach, is the signal to be ready for a deep metarmophosis.
Ego is completely scared and afraid of change and transformation – as it comes abruptly, not planned, with surprises and twists and turns. Also Ego likes the comfort, the planned and the known.
Let go of your Ego and turn inward to your Soul – go beyond of the beyond searching within the stillness. Let the transformation come from within, do not stay focused on what happens outside.

Accordingly, here are some directions of how you can BE in the energies of the Equinox:
BE within your body as it is your temple. Be in tune with your inner compass = how you feel
Let this inner compass direct you towards places, people and experiences. If you feel well and at peace in one place, stay longer. If you feel weird, leave.
Let your inside arrange your agenda; do not let the exterior dictate what/ how to create your day.
The more you keep stillness within, the more you can observe the changes. All of a sudden they don’t look chaotic anymore, but making perfect sense for your growth.
BE in your power, out of your fears. Fear keeps you in Ego (small and afraid), while Soul wants you empowered (in love and trust).
Navigate with flow and ease the changes (being in the Eclipse corridor expect twists and turns of the plans, be flexible and adaptable to what appears new)
BE comfortable in the unknown, not knowing and planning the next steps.
Stay curious to see how everything unfolds, in deep confidence in yourself. Be ready to embrace the new direction.

Equinox usually brings a balance to things, a natural order, but this year it invites you first to welcome the disorder and chaos. Embrace the destructuring of the old to embrace the balance of the new. Observe what happens in nature, as it is the great master – for a new flower to blossom, the old buds must disintegrate first.
Welcome the deep transformation as it is a new journey for your Soul. While some parts of the journey may look and feel uncomfortable, stretch your mind and body into new possibilities. Because you are not meant to be fixed, but flowing.
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All is possible when you allow the Change to change you. It happens easier and graceful. And all is possible also when you resist change and you cling to the old rules and beliefs set by the Ego. It happens slower, harder and painful. All is your choice and responsibility.

One way or another, let’s go on this March Equinox – beyond of the beyond to discover what else is possible in our path. Journey is uniquely crafted for each to become a better version of unconditional Love.

Blessed March Equinox 2024!


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