A Better YOU

‘Nothing can nourish the Soul but Light.’ (Rumi)

Who are you?

Did you ever ask this question? or how many times in your life? or in which period of your journey?
This simple question is as important as the answer you gave to yourself.
Let’s look at some options. This is one of the first questions you are told what to answer when you are a baby – and the answer is your name loud and clear. This is your identification all your childhood, even at school and faculty. You are a name.
Later on, you add another layer to your personality with your role at job, in a company, community. You are a certain profession, written on a badge or a visit card (a teacher, an inginer, an economist, a manager, etc).
You are also a role in your family of origin – either a daughter/ son, later you become a parent yourself maybe, a niece/ nephew and all the ramifications of your ancestral bloodline.
All your life, you continue to add layers to this identification of yourself, to this persona by being a friend of somebody, a relative of another, even an ex-friend/ wife/ husband and the links between you and others continue to extend.
So this is how you are told and you learned to answer to this question up to now.

But behind all these layers, before even trying to answer with your name and your role, who are you?

A Human Being. A Soul with dreams, hopes, intentions, a Life Plan to fulfill here on Earth.

You are a Divine spark of the Universe, coming here and now and being able to take as many roles as necessary to evolve to the next stage. You are complete and unique as you are in every moment.
Contemplate this for a minute. If you feel complete, you sense more courage to adventure into the next moment to discover what’s possible. If you feel incomplete, you sense fear and lacking and you are chasing the perfection.
In every moment you can discover a Better YOU, as you change and transform continuously. It doesn’t mean you are not stable, only that you are evolving. What you see, sense, experience changes you, your perceptions, your feelings and your actions. So the more you live, the more you change. Into a different YOU for sure, but it’s your choice to go into the light (a growing version) or into the shadow (a regressed version).
Earth holds more light every day in 2022, so you experience more transformation than you can possibly imagine. Light means energy and information that affects all the living organisms on the planet – from the crystals, plants, animals and humans. The more light you embody, the more you allow change to happen within.
Let go of the resistance and especially fear of the unknown. Learn to ground and stabilize the light within, as it holds the power to bring to surface a Better YOU.

Happy Summer in 2022!

PS. To celebrate it properly and navigate at your best the period, I invite you to watch the video about July Energy update. Hope this serves you well!



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