Raise your Vibration practice

Individual Coaching Program - Self Discovery (6 weeks)

“If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home.” (Rumi)

There are periods in life, where you need a guiding light if you are stuck, confused and even lost, not knowing what to do next. Raise your Vibration practice gives you tools for growth. You simply need a helping hand, a kind word of encouragement, a smile to recover the confidence and trust again in your abilities.

I invite you to this session to (re)discover practical tools to raise your vibration when you feel down, demotivated, lost, stuck or stressed. The more you emit these low vibrations, the more you attract them back. Simply you need pragmatic steps and some guidance to raise the frequency back to courage, confidence, empowerment, love and harmony. Sometimes you can do it by yourself, sometimes you need guidance.

What you get in Raise your Vibration practice:

  • Understand the basics of how energy, frequency and vibration works and why the fluctuations of high – low
  • Learn how to balance and harmonize your energy, starting with cleansing and purification
  • Meditation practices – learn to train your mind and various techniques (notice, visualize, let go)
  • Sound practices – learn the healing therapies of solfeggio frequencies
  • Movement practices – learn the benefits of moving your body with awareness
  • Breathwork practices – few simple techniques where breathing can help harmonize your energetic body
  • Other practical tools – diet, affirmations, journaling, crystals, solitude, candle gazing
  • The session is designed to answer your specific needs, considering the current state of being and what is optimum to raise your vibration in that very moment. While the techniques presented can be valuable for majority, each of us resonates with few practices. You will focus to create your own list of preferred rituals.
  • BONUS: once you understand from the session which techniques resonates the most with your being, you will be guided to create your own practice. Imagine how you apply them during the day. You can discover more about yourself with a Numerology reading. (details here

  • NOTE: Client has the sole responsibility for his/ her journey and I am immensely grateful to be able to guide him/ her on this light path. All the questions and answers lie within each of us. I can only share some light to where the answers, options, alternatives might be. It is the Client’s free will and choice to decide the next steps and the ultimate course of his/ her life.

Duration:  50 min


  • 1 live session (video/ audio) with lots of interactive – quick presentation of techniques and benefits. Client chooses what resonates the most and creates his/ her own practice
  • Price: 390 ron /80 euros

Cristina opened up my path, lighting the way forward, so everything makes sense and is clear. Our sessions together are not the typical coach-client relation, a bit cold and impersonal. There are in-depth, warm and revealing truths.
She has this magic talent to explain for every person in a way she/ he understands things that are unspoken and unaccepted yet by a society led by materialistic and temporary achievements.
Her delicacy on how she explains each notion, on how she throws light on various experiences and situations, makes Cristina a precious guide, like a guiding light that you want to have when the external world is confusing and senseless.
If you start your own Self Discovery journey and you are ready to understand more and deeper, Cristina is an excellent spiritual guide. And her energy is simply amazing and fully contagious.

(Catrinel M.)

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